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Nature Galore

2 areas of outstanding natural beauty provide the perfect habitant for the wildlife.

You don't have to go far to find natural beauty, right outside the door, you will find the Mill pond or Etang du Beffoù. Locals come to walk round the lake, tourists stop outside to take photos and organised walks take place once or twice a year. Just off of the lake walk is the Motte Féodale de Beffoù, the medieval dirt fort and moat site.

In the lake we have breeding Coy’pu and on a calm day or evening you may see them swim across the lake or hear the big splosh as they drive in when you walk past their hideouts in the banks.

The lake is abundant with fish. The lake has now been stocked with Carp.

The lake is not only home to the Coy’pu, a family of Herons live around the lake and on 2 occasions the Great White Egrit has been spotted from the Mill, a bird that according to our RSPB book, is not even suppose to be in France! Bird watchers will delight at the number of birds here. A previous guest spotted over 60 species of birds in and around the Mill. A Kingfisher lives just next to the house and was actually photographed on the doorstep!

Nesting in the Mill you’ll find our permanent residents! Our pair of Barn Owls. They have lived here longer than us and to our knowledge have reared 9 babies in the last 5 years. We have a microwave cameras (which they cannot see), on them in 2 of their favourite haunts (not their roost site) so from the comfort of the armchair you can watch, without disturbing them or if you prefer you can relax in the garden with a bottle of wine and wait for them to fly off into the night - right over your head!

We also have a camera on our bats, but don't be scared, contrary to popular belief they wont fly into your hair!

611 hectares of wooded area, just 5 minutes away. Guided walks, rivers and natural springs are just a few delights you’ll find in Beffou forest.

One interesting forest walk takes you on an educational journey past Charcoal making huts and ending at the woodcutters hut where on occasion you can see him making clogs. The other side of the forest brings you to the Allée couverte du Broc’hed, the Neolithic tomb dating back to 2000 BC.

Mushroom collecting is permitted on certain days of the week, so why not join the locals and collect some for your dinner!

Around 2 weeks either side of mid summer is mating season for the frogs! The frog chorus can be heard for quite a way, watch the frogs hop from lily pad to lily pad.

Below are a few of animals that have been spotted in and around the mill.

Over 60 species of Birds, Coy'pu, Herons, Barn Owls, Great White Egrets, Bats, Frogs, Chickens, Wild Boar, Salamanda, Carp, Trout, Perch, Deer, Kingfisher, Woodpecker, Buzzard, Sparrow Hawk and much more...