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Introduction to Brittany

In the far North Western corner of France, Brittany has something for everyone.

The scenery can be absolutely breathtaking, with 1200 kms of dramatic coastline there’s plenty of beautiful sandy beaches and enough space for everyone so an uncrowded beach is never hard to find. Whether you like secluded sandy bays or rocky cavernous coves with crab pools, we’ve got them. You’ll never be short of snap shot opportunity in Brittany.

If the beach is not your thing, don’t worry there’s more than the odd spectacular sight to be found inland too. Brittany is steeped in Celtic heritage and there are plenty of historic sites for you to explore.

Ancient Megaliths, Dolmens and Menhirs can be found dotted all over Brittany and with our toll free dual carriageways and lack of traffic, you can even make a day trip to the World famous site at Carnac.

Another famous sight of Brittany is the Breton costume ­ Throughout the summer months the towns and villages host their ‘Fest Noz’ - their festivals. Here you are more than likely to see the elaborate lace costumes, be entertained with their animations and sample the speciality foods of the region, which amongst others includes Crêpes, Cidre and many varieties of Fruits de Mer (seafood).

Ancient Medieval cities are to be found all over Brittany and just a few of our nearest include Morlaix, Lannion, Guingamp, Quimper, Carhaix and Saint Malo, all of which are very pretty and worth a look, particularly on market days, not to mention our very own petite cite de caractere at just 5kms away, Guerlesquin has entertainment every Monday throughout July and August.

Brittany to France is like Wales is to Great Britain, it has it’s own language, called Breton, much of which is similar to Welsh, but French is the native tongue.