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You will find it hard to believe that the mill was still in use as recent as the 1980s.

Our mill was built on the site of an older and much smaller mill. At the time it was forbidden to build any new mills so they bought a small mill, knocked it down and replaced it with a Minoterie (large mill). They also enlarged the Mill pond to 35 acres.

Many of the machines are still in place and we are happy to give a tour to those who are interested. You can see the stones and the mechanism that turned them.

The old flour sacks are printed with the name of the miller, the most interesting of all, are the sacks from the time of the occupation stamped with the Eagle and Swastika.

The occupying forces also used the lake to practice landing amphibious craft for an invasion of England.

It’s said that one of the craft overturned and it’s occupants drowned, weighed down by their kit.

Future plans for our own environmentally friendly water generated electricity.

The mill was powered by 2 turbines one of which is still in place at the bottom of a 6m (18ft) deep chamber which when full contains 35 tonnes of water, all forcing its way though the turbine.

One turbine was used to power the machines and turn the stones, the other was used for electricity, first DC, then later AC.

We still have the old marble switchboard with Frankenstein type lever switches!

Following our successful grant application towards our Mill diagnostic, we have now had the test done. We are awaiting document and test results to see what it is capable of, but initial thoughts seems positive and we hope that we will be able to generate electricity at the Beffou mill, giving you the change to book a truly green holiday and reduce your carbon footprint!

We will keep you up to date on this page with the mill news, but for now here is a couple of turbine chamber photos where we hope it will all be happening.